Destined - Book Review

Get Ready for a Dark, Super-Hot Ride


By Cassandra Richardson

Though it is unclear when this series will finally come to a conclusion, the ninth installment of The House of Night Series, Destined, is a mind-blowing continuation of P.C. and Kristen Cast’s story. Vampires, dark immortals, magic, Cherokee lore, and the buildup to a final war come together into a dark, humorous, sarcastic, and devilishly sexy novel. It was so good, I couldn’t find the strength to put it down.

The bond between Zoey and her Guardian Warrior, Stark, has reached a new level, strengthening their love and making them an even hotter couple. (If they didn’t already, every girl will wish they had Stark for a boyfriend by the end of this book). Released from his father’s side and given the gift of human form by the vampire Goddess, Nyx, Rephaim and Stevie Rae can finally be together. But it won’t be easy. After centuries of following darkness and his father, Rephaim faces the challenge of truly walking the path of the Goddess. And as always, standing unwavering at Zoey’s side is not only Stark and her bff, Stevie Rae, but also her circle of closest friends - Damien, Erin, Shaunee, Darius, and the Prophet Aphrodite. Though each of them is forced to face their own demons and pasts in this installment, the “Nerd Herd” is stronger than ever.

 But amidst their love and loyalty, evil is never far away, threatening to destroy everything ¾ even their lives. Ex-High Priestess, Neferet, is growing stronger and more sinfully wicked each day. Now with the White Bull ¾ the embodiment of Darkness ¾ as her consort, she still has the Vampire High Council fooled; Even when her intent is to take them down to create a world of darkness. Armed with a gift from Darkness himself, her sexy weapon Aurox, Neferet is lusting for blood, death, and a little bit of chaos. Although it is unclear who, or what, Aurox really is, there is one thing Zoey and her circle know for sure ¾ He is definitely not human. But Zoey alone can see a piece of humanity inside him, and for some reason, something about that seems too familiar.

In a twist of events, an unexpected quest arrives at the House of Night ¾ Thanatos, a Priestess on the Vampire High Council with an affinity for death. With her to close for comfort, Neferet’s dark secrets may soon be revealed to the Vampire world. Dark and light are about to clash for a final time in an epic battle at the Tulsa House of Night. Knowing she is a key piece in this war, Zoey is preparing herself and her friends for the inevitable battle. With a thick line drawn between good and evil, everyone will be forced to choose a side.

Though I absolutely loved them, some of the previous books in The House of Night series seemed to drag on. I had a hard time putting them down, but by the end of the book, not a lot had happened. But in Destined, it’s the complete opposite. Not only is it fast paced, but so much happens, you’re left dumbstruck by the time you read the last page.

In this latest chapter of the series, every character’s personality is stronger and deeper, making it even clearer that all of them will play a vital part in the final war. The humor is even more entertaining, especially from hot warrior, Stark, and self-pronounced bitch, Aphrodite. But the tension of the plot also heats up, and the suspense of what is going to happen next is almost unbearable. Unpredictable twist and turns no one saw coming make this a page tuner.

 Anyone who is into fantasy should read this series ¾ but start at the beginning or else you will be confused. However, even though it is labeled as young adult, I would not suggest it to kids under fourteen. I’m twenty and some parts even made my jaw drop…of course, in a naughty, yet good way. 

 Destined was written by P.C. and Kristin Cast, and published by St. Martin’s Press. Available only in hardcover (or Kindle) at this time, there are 336 pages.

Sunday, December 11, 2016
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