Wow this is great! A local performing troupe that does dazzling work has been invited to preform at Tech Fest in Mumbai, it is Asia's largest science and technology festival.  The have only been asked a short time ago, so they are trying to raise money for airfare as soon as possible.

Lodging and food are already taken care of, but the airfare will be about $3,000.

They are asking donations can be made through indiegogo link here.

Fire Majick's website can be found here.

Below is some information about their fund raising campaign.

Please consider helping out these talented Northern New York performers.

Greetings! We are Iso and FloFox...together we are Fire Magick, a performance troupe based out of northern New York. We specialize in melding flow arts, dance, and theater to create unique performance art. We have been sharing our passion of fire and dance through teaching and performing for a few years now. As Fire Magick, we have been vigilantly trying to get our name out there and become worldwide performers. Our ultimate goal is to be able to spread the joy of the flow arts throughout many communities around the world. With every performance we bring a bit of magick, intrigue, and encouragement to all who witness. Our efforts have begun to pay off with an invitation to perform at TechFest in Mumbai, India! It is Asia's largest science and technology festival! If you help donate, you will be one of the reasons an epic robot battle takes place in India in front of thousands! We would be performing that special act and a variety of other smaller acts throughout the weekend, and even teaching people about flow and the physics behind it. As a result, sparking interest in this healthy activity. All accommodations are payed for, except airfare. This would be an amazing opportunity to help us grow and finally reach our goal. We were literally offered this invitation a week ago, and the event is the first week of January 2014. This is such short notice to pay for airfare, and a performers pockets are not that deep. Please help the two of us take this step to share our magick on a global scale. Any donation would be accepted with gratitude. Many Blessings. Experience the FIRE, Feel the MAGICK.