American Idol - Recap February 27, 2014


By Craig Thornton

The theme of last night’s show was “This is Me” and the top thirteen selected songs or anthems that they consider self defining.

 Dexter sang first, and he received some great notes from the judges. Basically it wasn’t flawless performance, a very good performance.

 Malaya Watson, only 16 has so much energy she could light up Los Angeles.  She definitely has a square peg likeability, but her performance of a Bruno Mars cover was not very exciting. She seemed as though she was on some Saturday afternoon kids’ singing show from days gone by. Judges felt she could perform and has confidence, but vocally it was very light. Her energy is contagious, but I would hate go on a road trip with her in the backseat-Exhausting.

 Kristen O’Connor who looks likes she jumped networks from an episode of The Bachelor, is so all American, I feel she should be wearing an apple pie costume.  Her interpretation of a Kelly Clarkson song was a stretch and lame, but she is still smiling and will be happy everyday of her life.  I hate her!

 Judges say: Stop thinking about stop thinking and sing.

 Next up is Ben Briley who looks like he should be pumping gas and not singing: A singing mechanic—perhaps---he sang Folsom Prison Blues. I thought it was awful, but the judges loved it.

 C.J. Harris has tremendous chemistry and potential.  I like him and hope he makes it to the top four. 

 MK Nobilette has unique all sewed up.  She certainly has an interesting voice, and although I am not quite sure what I feel about her overall, her performance last night was pretty great.

 Majesty Rose, was the best--okay, this girl kicks it.

 I think Jena Irene is a bit too generic.  Put her picture in the dictionary next to the meaning for American Idol finalist.

 Alex Preston’s performance was spare and interesting, but not particularly good. It was way out of tune.  Harsh Harry, who could kick his ass, hated it. However there was something scarily unique about it.

 Jessica Muse has a great voice, although she tends to scream a bit too much, it is clear, raspy and has depth.  She needs work, but has raw talent.

 Emily Piriz – is pretty fantastic, she tackled a difficult, risky, song and succeeded.

 Rob Thomas is one of my favorite singers, so I was very biased when Sam Woolf sang, although he wasn’t awful. Still I couldn’t care less if he stayed or went. Wait, the girls are screaming because he is good looking and will make it very far on his looks.  The song was also too slow.  He needs to be slapped.

 Last to perform was Caleb Johnson Enough said.

 Who is getting voted out?  Who is annoying me? We will find out tomorrow night.

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