American Idol Blog - Friday, April 19, 2013


By Craig Thornton

The Girls continue to rule, and even when one gets the boot, there is a great sense of camaraderie and positive energy. These future divas know their careers are set no matter how they place in the next few weeks.

 American Idol continues to bring back former contestants, some winners, and some just finalists, to perform live during the results show. Last night Clay Aiken and Fantasia Barrio made the scene. Aiken, who must be commended for coming out—no easy task in the entertainment world—took some kind of Alice in Wonderland pill to make him a giant. Well, he looked like a giant next to the diminutive, but hugely rich Ryan Seacrest. Maybe it was just Aiken’s big hair. Is he rehearsing for a revival of Hairspray?
It was also interesting to see a clip of Jennifer Hudson on American Idol when she was actually voted out in season three, the worst decision America has made since, well let’s keep politics out of this. That cast off must seem like a century ago to the phenomenally talented Oscar winning Hudson. She is a true testament to resilience and how to get back up when you are down. Useless but incredibly interesting fact: She is only one of fourteen actors or actresses to win an Oscar for their film debut (2006).
The suspense of the voting is less when you only have five people left, but still the producers must put a spin on it. This is done by announcing who is safe one at a time until you have two people “not safe” left. This takes five minutes.
Janelle Arthur was sent home and the judges opted not to exercise the save. Janelle has done a great job and will continue on with a fantastic career, but she wasn’t up the levels of the other women in the last two performance shows. Yes, she is great, but competition is incredible. Even Kree who is absolutely fabulous found herself in the bottom two based on her last performance. 
After being disappointed with the American Idol voters for letting Lazaro go so far in the competition, they seemed to have stepped up there game and have truly selected the least interesting performer to be booted, although I liked Janelle a lot. But here is betting that Angie wins because she has great hair. Lazaro made if very far on great hair and dimples. You can go really far in America with great hair.
I do like American Idol’s live cam updates following the show during Glee. This is a smart attempt to keep viewers on Fox and to add something new. They need it; American Idol ratings are way down. Though they are down, they are not out, and keep your eye on them as they will find ways to keep it fresh, despite the saturation of network television with singing competition shows. The real people who should worry are The X Factor folks.
Talk about the Titanic-“and the band played on.”
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