American Idol Blog - Thursday, March 28th


By Craig Thornton

The top Eight sang for survival. All the contestants had to pick artists from Detroit, this of course includes great Motown songs and wait, Madonna?  They had a master class with Smokey Robinson and were mentored by both him and Jimmy.

Candice sang “Heard it through the Grapevine” I loved this performance. She showed her versatility and had tremendous confidence without over doing it. As Randy said, it was “effortless.”
Kree and Janelle who are two of my favorites did a so-so duet rendition of Madonna’s “Like a Prayer” – This interpretation was weird. Wait-do judges get to judge this song?
Does this count as part of the competition? Kree got kudos above Janelle. But I felt the whole thing was mediocre.
What is up with Lazaro? He has presence and can sing, but does he have projection issues? He sang “For Once in My Life.” It was a lot better than last week, anyway.
Janelle sang “You Keep Me Hanging On.” The song sounded completely original as if I had never heard it before. I thought this was a good thing. Randy, Keith and Mariah loved it, they were greatly affected. “The angst really came through.”
Devin was next, compared to Janelle he really stunk. He seemed vague and sounded like every other singer I have ever heard. He is beginning to feel to me, less distinctive than Lazaro. The judges liked him however.
Burnell Taylor was the next solo performer—I think he was singing “My Cheri Amour”
Burnell can really sing, but there were parts of this song I didn’t quite understand lyrically.
Angie Miller sang, “Shop Around” which wasn’t great, but she has tremendous likeability. This is a song that Smokey Robinson wrote so it was cool to see Angie being coached by Smokey. It was one of the weaker performances of the night for sure. A wrong song choice for her perhaps? Still she isn’t going home soon, she is too well liked and too attractive.
Amber Holcomb was hands down the best, but will America put her in the bottom three again?  Shame on them if they do.
Kree Harrison closed with another completely amazing performance. This was especially impressive considering she had to follow Amber.
If I had my way all three guys would be in the bottom three, but I think it is more than likely to be two guys and Angie Miller. If it is Amber there is something seriously wrong with AI voters.


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