American Idol Brief


By Craig Thornton

On Wednesday night the two men really stunk. I am not sure if these guys have ever heard of rock and roll? Lazaro forgot lyrics while Burnell couldn’t keep up with the beat. I am not a rocker myself, but I think I have better knowledge of the genre than they do. Kree nailed the Janis Joplin song – she picked her song well. Even with a pinched nerve she was great. 

 I guess in order to fill on Wednesday night they had singers do duets as well as their solo performances. Burnell was much better with Candice, but Candice made him look bad because she was so much better. I thought Janelle was very good, the judges were split on this.
Lazaro’s solo performance was better than the duet, but he isn’t strong to win the competition. Jimmy  Lazaro’s performance will put him n the bottom two for sure.
Sound bite- Amber will be in the top three tonight – there aren’t three better singers than her in the competition. Jimmy also said, there can be only one person to go home tonight, that is Lazaro.
Something new the judges reveal their top three choices to the public.
All three judges went with Jimmy’s top three picks-except Mariah –
Amber, Kree and Angie – Mariah switched out Angie for Candice.
Audience results appear 35 minutes into the show, Kree is in the top three, Angie is in the top three, but the kicker is the mediocre Lazaro is in the top three! Young hormonal girls strike again.
Burnell and Janelle were in the bottom two, and Burnell’s save song “I’m Ready For Love” really stunk. Talk about sealing your own fate. He was done as soon as he opened his mouth.
So although I am annoyed Lazaro didn’t go, or wasn’t in the bottom two, Burnell deserves to go. Let’s hoping that Lazaro finally goes next week, but it is looking like he will stay as long as he has good hair and great cheek bones.
Sunday, December 11, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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