American Idol Brief Friday, May 3, 2013


By Craig Thornton


As soon as Amber became my favorite, I knew she was a goner. Did I curse her?
I keep thinking how polished and beautiful she looked last night. Much like a caterpillar that metamorphoses into a butterfly, Amber went from a gangly, tentative teenager to a confident future recording star.
Not only has her appearance gotten better, but so has her voice. There were moments last evening when she was singing her exit song that she sounded like a young Whitney Houston.
In the wild, live “B” roll footage that airs during Glee, Amber seemed to be upset that she didn’t win. How can she be upset? She made it very far, and has an enormous fan base.
Now that she isn’t in the competition anymore, I think I am regressing to putting Kree in my favorite slot again. 
Do you think Angie will get hair product endorsements even if she doesn’t win the competition? But let’s get real, she will win because of her hair.
Although I think Angie is doing well and certainly has grown as a singer and performer, I will not be happy if she wins. I think her glamorous looks are boosting the vote for her.
So that poses the question, is Candice more versatile than Kree and therefore should she win instead of Kree? This is debatable. However I have always liked Kree and still want her to win.
Mariah’s reputation as a Diva seems in question as she seems more and more maternal every day. I suppose this is good for American Idol as her emotional fawning and weepy concern is perfect for DRAMA, but will she ever tour again?
Is she strong enough to get back out there or is she going to start knitting and being obsessed with Pinterest? 
Of course if you think Mariah is a bit out there you might want to compare her to the pretentious train wreck that is Nicki Minaj. She jumped off the sanity train a long time ago, and seems to have lost her ticket to re-board.
Speaking of Minaj there was a report on the news today that economy is on the upswing-this is a direct result of her wig and foundation make-up purchasing!
I prefer Keith Urban to both women, and of course to the DAWG that is Randy Jackson. He is polite, accurate, honest, focused and mellow. Wait, he is Australian.
Two more weeks and then American Idol withdraw sets in.
Sunday, December 4, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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