American Idol Finale Recap - Friday, May 17, 2013


By Craig Thornton

American Idol Finale Recap – Friday, May 17, 2013

Candice Glover is the new American Idol, and she deserves it. Candice persevered after not making the cut in two previous auditions. How she never got into the finals before is pretty shocking, but let’s be thankful that we were able to hear her this season.
Her duet with Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson was the highlight of the show. She not only kept up with the great singer, she sounded nearly as good. It seems appropriate that the most overlooked contestant by audience voting in the past (Jennifer Hudson) brings down the house with the Idol who had to audition three times to make it.
There was a lot of good music in last night’s finale, and a some so-so music. The show opened with a rousing version of Glad You Came by The Wanted performed by the entire top ten, including the top two finalists, Kree and Candice.  I also liked Janelle Arthur – (top five finalist) singing with The Band Perry, “Done.” Things I didn’t like, include Frankie Valli being dragged out to sing Grease (is the word.) I am not an ageist, but his voice sounded like a 12 year old girl and I know it has always been a bit on the high side, but it just wasn’t good.
I also think Mariah Carrey’s --look at me I sold more records than anyone else ever—big Diva dress medley was ridiculous.  Her new single barely features her singing at all and this performance does nothing to illuminate how she sold so many records. Furthermore she looks uncomfortable singing. Perhaps I am just being harsh, but if you introduce someone as the greatest selling this or that, and her entrance is as opulent and reverent as Cleopatra’s trip down the Nile, she better give a performance that is MEMORABLE. 
There was an attempt at humor by showing a behind the scenes documentary spoofing the girls sabotaging the boys chances so that a girl can finally win. Parts of this were funny, but other parts were not. However this video did seem to shed light on how much sharper and photogenic the girls are than the boys.
On this note, I am glad that a woman is the new American Idol. Let’s take a look at the five previous male winners and access their careers. Phillip Phillips: Okay he is doing well and can actually sing. Scott McCreery – he is doing well, but I am not a fan at all. Lee DeWyze- who?  Kris Allen – Adam Lambert should have won. David Cook – Really?  Let’s not forget Taylor Hicks – (skipping a year) who has done nothing and is playing county fairs and Bar Mitzvahs.
Was it just me, or was Randy Jackson’s farewell, just not that sad or eventful? Is there anyone out there who is sad to see him go? Although I have hand it to him for his tenacity and his ability to stay this long after every other judge has been fired or hasn’t been able to come back after quitting. But I am over him, way over him.
As I put American Idol aside until January, I begin to wonder what kind of changes will be made for next year’s show? How will the reality show juggernaut combat the continually sinking ratings? Is it true and will they fire all four judges and replace them with new people? Will they eliminate the concept of equal slots for boys and girls and simply have 10 or 12 finalists that are the best regardless of gender. Stay tuned for these answers and many more, beginning in January 2014!
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