American Idol Sneak Preview Auditions - Los Angeles


By Craig Thornton

Last night's show was so-so, although there seemed to be a lot of genuine talent from Austin.  Perhaps one reason why it was less interesting was because it lacked its usual sob story or heart wrenching tragedy that sucks us in--then again, maybe it did have one of these stories, as I missed the last ten minutes---ME bad - long distance phone call!

Yikes.. instead of getting a ticket to Hollywood (where she is already, silly) this girl is getting a ticket to Siberia!,AAAAAFwZDSA~,QCyT69E3fdevB2OTuN2j7XrY-UiE-DBC&bctid=773630019001

No comment.,AAAAAFwZDSA~,QCyT69E3fdevB2OTuN2j7XrY-UiE-DBC&bctid=773598489001

This guy can hit the HIGHS and the LOWS, but he is all over the place... and lacks focus- but has energy to spare.,AAAAAFwZDSA~,QCyT69E3fdevB2OTuN2j7XrY-UiE-DBC&bctid=773630021001

What is with the awkwardly tied neckware.  Since when do you wear scarves in LA, with t-shirts? And a Duet?  We don't do duets!  Not feleing it!,AAAAAFwZDSA~,QCyT69E3fdevB2OTuN2j7XrY-UiE-DBC&bctid=773606935001





Thursday, December 8, 2016
, Watertown, NY

On Demand

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