American Idol Recap –

I am a huge Kelly Clarkson fan and I was so pleased to hear her perform last night. She indeed, did come home and didn’t disappoint-vocally. She has one of the most powerful voices in pop music. However fashion-wise she needs help. She was a disaster. I realize she was going for a punk, perhaps edgier look, but the neon eye shadow and jester mini dress resembled an outfit from a horror film. Clarkson also appeared awkward as she fawned over Mariah Carrey.  Perhaps this is part of her appeal, is that she still acts like the down home Texas girl, who goofily reacts in awe of super Divas. Still couldn’t she a bit more poised and collected. She was all over the place.
Still she can sing like no one else and for this I forgive her ugly duckling act last night.
Scott McCreery also performed. I have to admit I was never a McCreery fan and I’m positive I didn’t want him to win when he did win, but he is a great performer. He is still only 19 years old and will grow even more in the future. It is good to see American Idol winners, especially those that I thought were mediocre do so well. I loved being proved wrong.
By the time you read this, of course, you will know the good news; finally Lazaro has gone home and the remaining finalists are all women- the way it should be. I felt a bit sorry for him because I really think he had no idea how bad he was, even though his critiques from the judges and Jimmy every week went from unenthusiastic to scathing. Jimmy’s notes on his Wednesday performance were particularly brutal. But Lazaro kept getting a lot of votes, so why would he think he was the least talented in the competition?
Still he deserved to go, and his ejection has put faith back in me—that American Idol voters sometimes do the right thing.
Finally we will see a woman Idol! With all five finalists being female, it is inevitable. I like all five and am finding it difficult to pick a favorite. Janelle seems to be the most vulnerable right now, even if Amber was in the bottom two last night. I think it will be Candice and Kree in the top two.
I love the idea of one hit wonders and break-up songs as possible themes for future weeks of American Idol.
Stay tuned – someone will be crowned Queen and Princess of American Idol.