American Idol Recap – Friday, March 1, 2013 

This week in Vegas, AI was again involved in the harrowing elimination round called Sudden Death.
Did American Idol give a reason for being in Vegas the last two weeks? Could it possibly be because the normal venue, The Dolby Theater, was in the process of preparation for the Oscars? The Oscars once again prove they are a force not to be messed with.
Even though it is Vegas, the theater at the Mirage does hold 2,500 spectators impressive.
On Wednesday 10 more semi-final women faced elimination. There seems to be more national diversity this year. First up was a contestant from Kosovo, now a citizen living in suburban New York city, Melinda. Pink stretch pants and a bad song, do not make for a good showing on American Idol. Candice was up next after being cut from last year, she has something to prove and she does. What a great rendition of Carole King’s “Natural Woman” she sang. She made it her own, and somehow didn’t go over the top.
Next was Juliana, I thought she stunk, and the guitar was as big as she was. Pitch issues! But she is only a child.
By the way I love the new Coca-Cola green room set. It is very retro and feels like I am in the 1970’s.
Next was Aubrey who is loved by Nikki M., or in her own words, “I am obsessed with you.”
After all is said and done here are the top ten women:
Adriana Latonio
Amber Holcomb
Angela Miller
Aubrey Cleland
Breanna Steer
Candice Glover
Janelle Arthur
Kree Harrison
Tenna Torres
Zoanette Johnson
The guys who seem so amateur compared to the girls sang for their survival on Thursday night. Here are the top ten guys—the ones who are going through are:
Burnell Taylor
Charlie Askew
Cortez Shaw
Curtis Finch, Jr.
Devin Velez
Elijah Liu
Lazaro Arbos
Paul Jolley
Nick Boddington
Vincent Powell
The whole equality rule is annoying when there are so many women who are better than the men this year.
Check out this great blurb about it.
Stay tuned as more contestants get eliminated next week.