American Idol Recap - January 27, 2012


By Craig Thornton

American Idol Recap, Friday, January 27, 2012

J-Lo, the sweetheart next door, almost lost her cool last night at the Houston auditions when a series of very talented women contestants were passed on because her two male counterparts voted no when she voted yes. “Are you crazy?” J-Lo vehemently asked. “I feel like I am in the twilight Zone” – this after a woman contestant who seemed to screech was voted in by the two men and not voted in by Lopez. I agree. I’m not just siding with Jennifer because she is a Diva, and Truman my cat loves her, I am agreeing with her because she is right.
Last year there was a subtle sense that Jennifer was discouraged because so many male contestants progressed within the contest while woman were picked off week after week. This is something that has been going on for a long time. Is Jennifer’s desire to change this naivety, or arrogance? Was the show edited to make the female contestants she liked, but the men didn’t look better than they actually were? Not sure. However, when J-LO mentioned that she was so angry that she was going to have an anxiety attack, I began to wonder if her inability to express anger was a reason Marc Anthony walked all over her. I, of course assume that the divorce is it all his fault, because she is after all Jennifer Lopez.
Steven Tyler seems to be following in the same footsteps of Randy Jackson. His repetition of phrases and expressions are becoming so predictable that if you did a college frat drinking game where you drank after a certain word, you would be drunk in five minutes.  Stephen says “upstairs” to mean high notes over and over again. This year, “Baby” seems to be the only word Randy Jackson knows. Speaking of Randy, why can’t he dress better?  Can Jennifer’s stylist tear herself away from the most beautiful women in the world and do something with his v-neck shirts and craft-fair beaded necklaces? If Jennifer Lopez is the most beautiful woman in the world than her make-up and hair people should have some time to pick out something for Randy to wear. “Baby, help a dog out.”
Baylie Brown was the most interesting contestant from the Houston auditions last night. Even though the spelling of her first name is pretentious, she wasn’t. Now, 21, Baylie auditioned five years ago, while only 16, and made it to Hollywood, but screwed up during the group competition, where she was paired up with best bitchy friends from New Jersey. As she was given her golden ticket to Hollywood, I had to admit I was grateful for that the fact that there are second chances.   
I wonder if Jennifer Lopez’s stylists helped her decide to wear a mid-riff exposing shirt on the second day of auditions in Houston? Or was this Jennifer’s way to combat male resistance to her saying yes to more female contestants. It is no surprise that the old horndog Steven could be persuaded by a glimpse of gorgeous female flesh, but I didn’t think Randy would be swayed so readily. 
Idol returns on Wednesday, February 1 at 8:00 pm. The next auditions take place in Portland Oregon, in the great northwest. Check it out right here on FOX 28, your North Country Fox.
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