When I was watching American Idol last night I had no idea who Jessica Sanchez was, at first.  Shortly thereafter, I realized she was last year’s AI runner-up.  She seems both too young and too little to be a professional singer, although her mixed heritage is refreshing. Even though I wish her no ill will, that number she performed with Ne-Yo stunk. It felt dated, as if it were something from the 1970's or something you would see on a Princess Cruise ship – or both-a 1970's cruise.

A better performance was from former Idol contestant Casey Abrams whose interpretation of “I Saw Her Standing There” gave a great modern spin on the Beatles tune. Proving both what great songwriters the Beatles were and how talented Abrams is.

I'm grateful for Jimmy Lovine and his frank talk on Idol. As mentor, he has the toughest job and has replaced Simon as the most truthful note giver.  His comment about the contestants’ lack of Beatles knowledge and history is so true.  They should do their homework.  If you played the piano would you not know who Mozart is? You have to commend someone for saying something like “Lazaro Arbos gave the worst performance of the night.” Everyone else, dodges such harsh realities.  Contestants won’t be spared vicious comments in the real world of the music business.

It seemed to take forever for results to start.  Ryan Seacrest is a tease who is in cahoots with the American Idol producers.  Aware that ratings are slipping and aware that the reason why viewers tune in on Thursday nights is for results, he is finding ways to drag out the results and create more suspense. 

Every year we face the dilemma of attractive men sailing through the competition on the backs of hormonal teenage girls who vote and vote and vote for them.  In the past, you could argue that dubiously deserving young men have actually won the competition this way.  But this year, the women are so much better than the men, I don’t see how that can possibly happen.  So you can imagine my ire when Lazaro, who stunk on Wednesday wasn’t in the bottom three.  Clearly he dodged the bullet because of good hair and chiseled cheek bones.  The fact that Amber was in the bottom three ticked me off. However there was some redemption when Paul Jolley got the boot; as he is both attractive and moderately talented.

All us American Idol fans need to fight the haters.  There is a swirl of anti-Idol sentiment circulating around every where you go:  Ratings are down, the show has lost its “wow factor,” the Minaj/Carey feud is a bust, we like The Voice better - blah, blah, blah- The women finalists are some of the biggest talent to step up on the Dolby Theater stage (formerly Hollywood Theater, formerly Kodak) in a long time.  When May rolls around we very well could get ourselves another Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood.  Hang in there and keep watching.