American Idol Recap - Thursday, April 25, 2013


By Craig Thornton

Spring is here and we are down to four on American Idol. Girlpower continues to sparkle and hold interest of the audience defying the previous notion that only attractive young men will get votes.

The range was crazy and effortless, says Keith Urban of Amber.
Why is Nicki Minaj so relentlessly annoying? She calls Amber a tall sexy glass of milk – because Amber was wearing a 70’s style white jumpsuit. Nicki please go away.
It was great to see the final four mentoring at a children’s hospital. It is good to instill a sense of charity and duty in young people.  
Candice got mixed reviews from the judges-all agree that she can surely sing, but she is a bit old fashioned. Nicki Minaj’s voice was so annoying during her feedback for Candice that I put it on mute. But then her facial expressions angered me.
Kree sang a Susan Tedeschi song and I loved her. Her voice is perfect for bluesy-rock. Why have judges turned on Kree? They definitely favor Amber now. The constantly make reference to her great voice but her inability to perform or stay in the moment. Nicki basically trashed her.
Angie Miller looks more beautiful and glamorous everyday. Her performance of the Jessie Jay song received raves, and standing ovations. It was quickly considered the best of the evening.
Amber’s second performance, a disco medley was astonishing and she has clearly risen to the top of the judge’s list.
Kree was better with her second song, definitely.
Then Angie sang for her second song, one of my favorite songs of all time, “Cry Me a River.” I loved her performance, but I must protest the notion that Julie London is a one hit wonder. Yes "Cry Me a River" was her greatest hit, but she has a long, and fantastic career. She is one of my favorite artists of all time.
Perhaps the judges are being harder on the contestants because they know it will be difficult for any of them to have to face being voted off, and they are trying to prepare them for rejection. However it seems hugely out of place after fawning over them and praising them for three months.
At this point it is almost impossible to predict who will be the top two. If the judges have their way it will be Amber and Angela, however Kree cannot be counted out.
Meanwhile there are already rumors of Mariah not being asked back next year. Really? Shouldn’t it be Nicki getting the boot?
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