Sudden Death on American Idol

 One Song, One chance.
Ladies are singing, 10 sing, five go home!
First up, Jenny Beth somebody--with a name like Jenny Beth, you expect her to sing country, and she does. She has a good voice, but her outfit-a tutu with thigh high boots is such a disaster, FEMA was called in.
Tenna Torres (notice unique spelling) was next. She is from Queens, NY. Tenna is a part-time model and she has a lot of hair. Her hair might be as big as her voice. Is it a weave? She picked a great song, and managed to deliver without going over the top (the same cannot be said for her hair) – but her voice annoys me. Admittedly I am notoriously difficult to please and can be randomly cruel. I want her to go, although the judges loved her. 
Next up was Adriana, here outfit was better, but she is a mugger. That is, she makes faces and adds emotion, without the voice to back it up, kind of like Sally Field as an actress. What is going on inside? She was overpowered by the music. She also needs to go. She needs to go faster than Tenna, and that is pretty fast; the express train, not the local. Keith said she emoted too much. You think so?
Next up is Brandy – note the plethora of “fancy” names for the contestants thus far. Are there no Janes? Are there no Sues? She looked good, and she has a good voice, but got mixed reviews from the judges because the smiled during a very sad song. Smile, although your heart is breaking! Faker!
Shubha? Shubha is next. I loved her performance in the beginning, but then it got a little all over the place. I think she has great potential, but I sense she will be gone at the end of the night.
Kamaria is next. You were expecting a Jill? She sang Mr. Know it All, by Kelly Clarkson – who by the way is the greatest Idol contestant ever. Judges were harsh with her. She should get her carry on bag ready.
Kree is next (yeah you read that right, KREE). I love this girl. She is bluesy, gospel, country, and cannot be defined. Her talent flows right out of her. She is not showy at all. Wow. She is effortless.
Picture: Kree Harrison - my favorite so far!
Next is Angela Miller, whose ordinary name is in contrast to her huge talent and voice. She isn’t as unique as Kree, but this girl is great and should stay.
Isabelle is next and she is also great. Despite this, Randy says that her performance is too old-fashioned. We like traditional Randy. Not every lyric has to be DAWG this and DAWG THAT. 
Amber, at only 17 is next and she has had a makeover since last year. She sang My Funny Valentine, which is a great song, but there was something amiss about this rendition. It certainly was not one of the top performances of the evening. The judges liked it a lot (more than me) they claim it was vocally controlled and impressive. Now that I think of it, it was remarkably restrained and mature.
I love this line from Keith Urban – something like this – I paraphrase – “We are sending people home tonight, that are insanely talented.” The five women that are moving on in the competition are: Angela, Kree (Thank God), Tenna, Amber and Adriana.
As mean as I love to be, and I think I was born to be mean, I wouldn’t want to be in the judges’ shoes here as they have to deal with sudden death. It is very difficult to compare any body when it comes to art. Also, I would like to ask you, why do the finalists have to be divided equally between males and females? What if there were fifteen great female singers and only five male singers? Perhaps a system that judges you solely on your talent, where your gender has no influence, might actually result in a female winner of Idol, which hasn’t happened in six years. Hello!
I close by saying this: I do not hate Nikki Minaj. I think she is doing well as a judge, and is funny and much more down to earth than we all thought she was going to be! She still has an annoying voice and cannot sing, but it appears that she takes her job seriously and is really trying. 
Still, it is early in the season, and by the time May rolls around I will hate her. Her shrilly, little girl voice will ensure that!
All my kvetching aside, I am excited by this year’s talent. So far, the girls rock!