American Idol Recap - Thursday, March 14


By Craig Thornton


What is the story with American Idol App – apparently you can give 50 votes at once supervotes! Is this true? How does this work? Anyone out there know?
About the missing Nicki Minaj: Who drained the fuel from her car?– says Ryan Seacrest.
It was the night for the first performances of the ten finalists. The were allowed to pick songs from other seasons of American Idol.
Curtis was first. He has a horrible speaking voice. I never want to hear him talk again. Just sing.
He sang Fantasia’s “I believe.” Nicki didn’t hear him sing because she still wasn’t there, still supposedly, stuck in traffic. 
Live Show Minaj!
Minaj isn’t helping her difficult-to-work-with-Diva image by being late to her own show.
After Curtis-Seacrest mentioned that Minaj was almost there and then he went offstage to look for her. I am wondering if he then went ballistic with her, or simply went to check to see if she was there.
After the break: Janelle Arthur was up next. She sang Gone, which Scotty Mccreary sang two years ago. I thought she was bad, and was anxious to hear what the judges said.
WHOA! What is Minaj wearing? Obviously she was out of it, and that’s why she was so late. Hoodie and Flea Market sunglasses-about as glamorous as my Aunt Kitty after a late night of Canasta.
Randy said the song didn’t go anywhere. I agree.
Devon was next and he had completely contradictory comments from the judges, thankfully Mariah was the most lucid and made sense. What does that say?
Angie sang “I surrender” remarking that she could sing it as well as Kelly Clarkson who sang it the first semester. She is so wrong. First of all, no one sings like Kelly Clarkson. Second, see the first one.
Although I am in the minority-Randy went Ga Ga for Angie. Mariah said “Stellar” and that was it. She was getting a text from her kid.
Paul Jolley sounded great, but his voice wasn’t that distinct, he sounded like every other pop star out there. Is that the point?
I also liked Candice Glover! Nicki said she destroyed it – meaning she killed it, meaning she did very well?  Randy said she was perfect.
I feel like skipping the next person and going right to Kree- who despite her weird name is so cool. Nicki Minaj had a horrible food metaphor for Kree’s performance – it made no sense.
Okay Amber was awesome. Her performance looked ethereal, she is of another world. The whole time she was singing, I kept thinking if she doesn’t win, something is wrong with America. Well there is something with America, but it isn’t the quality of their singers. 
It will be interesting to see who gets booted tonight. It should be one of the guys; they are very inferior singers in my opinion.
Saturday, December 10, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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