American Idol Recap


By Craig Thornton

Drama! Fireworks and oh yeah, some singing!

First of all, if everyone looked as good as Jennifer Lopez, it would be much easier to wake up in the morning, go to family reunions and walk in the front door of work on Monday morning after a lost weekend. Not that I have lost weekends, of course.
While other women, or men, for that matter shy away from bright colors, for of fear of being overpowered and overshadowed by something so glorious as a chartreuse or sunset gold, J-LO is always mixing it up with original and well chosen hues.
The top seven sang a fairly good group version of Pink’s “Raise Your Glass.” Although the number’s choreography seemed needlessly complicated, the singing and the rhythm flowed nicely. When it came time for the results, which were spread out over the hour, it was the right and left column as usual. I really don’t think it was a big secret what was the safe and the “in jeopardy” group, even from the beginning. In between the whittling down, there as a forgettable performance by former Idol contestant Jams Durbin, who sang his new single, “Right Behind You.”  
Jessica Sanchez, Joshua Ledet and Elise Testone were eventually revealed as the bottom three. Joshua was released to safety first, and then came the shocker, Jessica Sanchez was voted off. The judges’ faces were very much, “shock and awe.” The judges hadn’t yet used their save, and are only allowed to use it before the top five, so when Jessica began to sing, Jennifer Lopez, followed by Steven and Randy suddenly barged up on to the stage. J-Lo grabbed the microphone away from Jessica and said something like “you’re not going anywhere.” It was a spontaneous show of solidarity dramatically executed. I also think Jennifer Lopez, at one moment said, “go sit down.”  Jessica lookes scared and shocked, like she was in some kind of troulbe.  Randy barked out, that Jessica was one of the most talented singers in America and make sure you vote for the best singer. This seemed over the top, but the whole save seemed over the top. I am not sure if I agree with Randy about Jessica being one of the best singers in America, however the 16 year old from San Diego can sing, and sing well!
I see Colton or Philip winning, even though the girls are just as good. I don’t think a woman will win until every sixteen year old hormonal girl in America is grounded the day votes are cast on the final results show in May.
Thursday, December 8, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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