American Idol Recap

 For January 17, 2013

 To quote Shakespeare “Much Ado About Nothing” or to quote Peggy Lee “Is That all there is?” Either one you choose, it adequately describes the feud between the dueling Divas of Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey.  Perhaps it will pick up speed, like a hurricane that comes aground in Florida then goes back to sea in the Gulf of Mexico, but I have a feeling that there is more hype than hysterical women when it comes to this rumor.

 Perhaps what I find most interesting about the cat fight set-up is the fact that Keith Urban is sitting between them. I am trying to imagine his conversation with his wife, Nicole Kidman when he landed the job.  I am sure they thought it would be great exposure and I am sure Keith is paid well, but he just doesn’t seem to fit, especially when sandwiched between such high profile pop divas who would rather discuss the movie “Mean Girls” than the musicality of the contestant. He seems to mellow, down too earth and genuinely concerned about doing a good job.  Nicki and Mariah on the other hand want to argue over Nicki’s ugly and pretentious drum majorette hat.

 Although reports are preliminary, most data indicates a big drop in season premiere viewer numbers this year from AI last year: roughly 18%.  Fox is trying to spin it, and do damage control, no doubt they will remark that it was the highest rated show of the season and this would be true, but if the ratings continue to underperform it seems unlikely they will be able to afford the multi-million dollar paychecks they are writing this year.

 Stay Tuned.