American Idol Recap – March 7, 2014

 There was a bit of conflict last night, all of America wants soft soaping and criticism wrapped up in pretty pink bows. Harry is accused of having indigestion because he shared some truthful words that others found harsh. This left Harry defending himself and his comments.  Cut Connick some slack, it appears he is working very hard and mentioned he has watched every season of Idol so far. I personally love Conick’s get real take.  He is not saying the contestants aren’t talented, he is just saying that last night they were off and they didn’t give their best performances. I dig Harry’s notes, I am tired of the whole grade school coddling of every kid that opens his mouth and attempts to sing.

Not everyone can be a pop star, not everyone can be an American Idol, so grow a pair
America.  Stop booing every time someone doesn’t get a total rave.

 When we get to results Emily is the first one to be placed in the bottom three. I am not surprised.

 Phillip Phillps performed after a time filling sentimental cheesy montage of his Idol journal. After this pretty bull crap he actually sang Raging Fire.  Phillip has a great singing voice, but what I noticed last night is that he has a great speaking voice too.  He could make a fortune in voice over work. I have to admit he is very good, and the season he won I was not so impressed, but I eat humble pie now.

 Back to results: no surprise, Majesty is safe! She is going far. Jena joined Emily in the bottom three seats. When Caleb was announced as safe I wondered if he was a Giant. He seems so much bigger than everyone on the show. MK joined Emily and Jena, and I am starting to think this is one of those idols where none of the women have a chance at all. The first of the bottom three to be safe is Jena. Emily is the bottom vote getter and has to sing for her supper, it doesn’t go well.  Her voice sounds great if you could only make out the lyrics. I liked her though—too bad for me.

 Here’s hoping a guy goes next week or someone takes smart phones away from high school girls across they country.