American Idol Recap April 26, 2013


By Craig Thornton

American Idol Recap, Friday, April 26, 2013

For those of us who love the four finalists, last night was a great show.
Most people feel the order of performances from Wednesday night would be Angela, Amber, Candice and then Kree, however all of them were spectacular. But of course the votes didn’t roll out that way. Kree and Angela were in the top two and Candice and Amber were in the bottom two. I think Angela is going to win. Her hair is just too good for her to lose. Luckily she is also performing very well right now.
Amber is my favorite now. I realize I’m fickle and I have changed my mind several times. Yes I still love Kree but Amber seems to have transformed and has become incredibly polished. She is performing and carrying herself as someone well above her age and experience. Kree is still great, and every time I hear her sing I am wowed by her natural talent and amazing voice, but is she any better than when she started? Maybe. Maybe not? You may ask yourself, why is that important? The competition isn’t necessarily about who is the most improved, but you cannot help get caught up in the story of Amber. The American Idol competition is structured for the long term to nurture stories. When the show works it feels like there is a natural evolution, when the show doesn’t work it feels flat and predictable.
No one went home last night. Although it was a mild shocker when it happened, it just seems manipulative and stale (like ten day old bread) news now. Apparently, because the judges’ save wasn’t used there is an extra week of programming. So luckily for Candice and Amber this week’s votes are going to be combined with next week’s votes to decide who gets the boot on Thursday, MAY 2. An obvious twist, but I do feel redeemed as I didn’t vote this week, and Amber must move ahead. So I promise to vote next week!
If only Angela had a bad hair day. Perhaps someone can sabotage her and steal her hair dryer or mousse. If this happens she can borrow a wig from Nicki Minaj. Every time Nicki speaks I am grateful for the mute button on the remote. If only the mute button could be used on people in real life, I would carry it every where with me, muting annoying people at random. Click. Click. Click. Silence. Silence. Silence.
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