American Idol Recap February 17th


By Craig Thornton

On Wednesday there were 185 contestants – in Hollywood. On Thursday, there were 70 in Vegas. Ouch!

In this round contestants are put into groups to preform. I remember clearly at this point last year Scott Mcreery caused a stir because he wanted to kick some singer out of his group that he felt was inferior. This ruthlessness was in sharp contrast to his nice country boy image. But perhaps it was a sign that he indeed had what it took to make it to the top. He later won the competition.

It is difficult to watch groups fracture and break up. Even though they have only been part of a group for a short while, it still feels like a series of mini divorces. As always some contestants take it better than others. Cherie Tucker did not take it well. There was a nameless female contestant with high boots and a striped shirt that cried so much, she has a future career as Kleenex endorser.

Why does someone have the name of Creighton Fraker? As someone with the name Craig, I can assure you that Craig is not short for anything. There is no Creighton as a name. Creighton is a University in Nebraska. He will have to change his name if he expects to be a pop star. How about Craig Rake?

The screecher of the evening was Jacquie Cera. She frightened me. Shots of the stunned and horrified judges were inter-cut with her screaming that was so bad, Cera appeared to be auditioning for the next Friday the 13th horror film.

The big drama of the night on Wednesday was the collapse of Imani Handy. Handy had experienced health problems and a collapse during the group rehearsal and although she appeared to get better, she in fact wasn’t and during her solo part of the group performance, she quivered, hesitated, and then just collapsed like a big vat of red jello. After she collapsed there was some crazy jump editing to emphasize the drama. Just in case seeing her in a heap with her mother hysterical running out on stage arms waving didn’t inform you that something dramatic happened the artsy editing will tell you.

Speaking of camera gimmicks, can we cut all the slow-mo? I think it can be an effective device, but it is getting overused, especially so early in the season. I have seen too many people looking rejected, forlorn and disillusioned walking in slow motion. I frequently feel this way, as well as defeated and crestfallen, and I have to walk at regular speed. Perhaps if I could walk in slow motion I wouldn’t travel so quickly between failures.

I don’t think I would mind slow motion and artful editing if the montage subject matter was J-LO and her many looks and outfits. Hair down, white dress. Hair Up, Blue Dress.

On Thursday, the contestants took the bus from Los Angeles to Las Vegas and the contestants went from 70 to 42 – BIG CUT. 42 is almost a number that enables you to keep track of the contestants. So that means since the auditioning began, the American Idol hopefuls has gone from over 100,000 to 42. Soon the number will be 24, and it will not be as laborious or exhausting to keep track of who the contestants are.

We have a North Country connection on Idol right now. Our very own Jeff Shannon has a relative in the top 42. Jeff Shannon’s, who works as the promotions manager at WWNY, cousin is Adam Lee Parker. Adam currently lives in Cortland, NY, but his grandparents live in Hammond, NY – (St. Lawrence County). Jeff Shannon, who is the biggest name dropper in the building, with the exception of me, is only second cousins with Mr. Decker, but that doesn’t stop Jeff from telling everyone in the building, including the Water Cooler delivery guy, that he has a close relative on American Idol.

Sunday, December 11, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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