American Idol Recap, Friday, March 29, 2013
Idol finalists started the show with a rousing rendition of “Old Time Rock n Roll.”
The Fiesta movement, which is a mentoring program for kids working with Idol finalists, is a very good thing. Ford is sponsoring this, and it is definitely a nice change from just doing commercials for Ford.  
Janelle is becoming one of my favorites for sure, actually all five women are so strong it is difficult to imagine just one of them winning. During the recap it was clear that Angie was the least interesting of the girls last night, while Devin and Burnell seemed better. Once again seeing Amber’s replay from last night makes me wish it is going to be her and Kree in the final. The boy band replay makes me wish all the guys go one at a time in a row before any of the girls. That boy band was labeled “The Wrong Direction.”
What a fantastic moment when Aretha Franklin phoned in and complimented Kree. I can’t imagine how thrilling this must be for an artist. 
Colton Dixon, a contestant from last year, was up next to sing.. A Christian, gospel artist, Dixon is fantastically talented. He is a consummate performer, despite bad hair choices. Is it his big hair that makes him look very tall? He may just look very tall because he was standing next to Ryan Seacrest, who is short, and actually maybe shrinking, as his bank account becomes taller.
One Republic featuring Katharine McPhee sang next. Katharine was a runner-up to Taylor Hicks on American Idol and has a great career going now as a cast member on Smash. I remember wanting McPhee to win, and was very disappointed when she lost. I am so pleased to see her career flourishing.
Keith Urban performed next and he was quite good, if low keyed. By the way it is forty minutes into the show and still no results. Results start rolling in at 49 minutes. It is no surprise that Kree is safe, and so is Candice – the first two to take seats. Janelle Arthur who is my third favorite after Kree and Amber was next to be safe. Finally we learn that all the women are safe and all the men are in the bottom three. Just as it should be this year. Of the bottom three it is Burnell who is safe-now we have our bottom two.
How is it that Lazaro stays and Devin goes? Again I think hormonal young women are driving the vote on AI. I have to admit Devin’s closing performance was great. He really did sing for his supper and should have gotten a save by the judges. It isn’t clear who voted against him, but I suspect Nicki or Randy. Mariah seemed to be visibly upset that he was voted out.
The judges now only have two or three more weeks to use the save as they can’t use it when there are less than five finalists. Why are they saving it? Do they plan to use it on mediocre Lazaro?
Stay tuned.