American Idol Recap Friday, May 10


By Craig Thornton

American Idol Shocker

 Well I put my foot in my mouth, and totally underestimated the American public. I am happy to eat humble pie. Although Angie had never been in the bottom two she went packing last night, good hair and all. Kree is exactly where everyone thought she would be from the very beginning. She has been in the bottom three before and she hasn’t always been perfect, but she has always given stellar performances. It is a bit of a surprise that Candice is the one standing next to her, but I felt Kree would be where she is for a long time now. I am not implying that Candice doesn’t deserve it, however if you told me ten weeks ago she would be there, I wouldn’t have believed you. Candice rocks.
I am not an Angie naysayer. I think the girl is very good, but not as good as Kree, Candice or jilted Amber. She seems genuine and always appears to be trying. She is still very young and has a tremendous career in front of her. The girl has charisma. I was just very concerned that she might win because of her great hair and Barbie doll looks. Luckily, we never have to ask that question now.
I know it is hip to trash American Idol, I know AI is like me now, (very middle aged and old news) but I think the finalists have all been great and I am glad a woman is winning again. Personally I don’t understand why there has to be an equal amount of men and women going into the finals anyway. It should be merely judged on the talent and not gender quotas. Here American Idol shows its age, old. It is not very progressive at all.
I got back on the American Idol rumor mill this morning, instead of the treadmill. The AI rumor mill was more fun, but not as effective at burning calories to get rid of my love handles. If love handles mean you have a little fat on the sides, then I have obsessive stalking handles. Huh? It’s Friday, cut me some slack.
Randy Jackson announced he isn’t coming back. Is it merely coincidental that this press release was made public the day after other rumors say all four current judges are getting the axe? Perhaps he was really not getting fired and perhaps he did quit on his own accord. This theory is reinforced by the other judges’ enormous salaries. If all three celeb judges are getting more than 10 million and Jackson considerably less, the producers may not have fired him, because he was so much cheaper. We may never know the true workings of his exit. But one thing is certain, FOX is serious about changes for the show and I don’t think they are losing much sleep over Randy going back to his DAWG house.
The Finale is next week!
Friday, December 9, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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