I really enjoyed the performances last night, I think all three finalists were great, but I cannot, cannot stand Nicki any longer. I wish she could be voted out. Why must she sound like a baby when she talks? When she addressed Candice after she gave a stellar performance of U2’s “One” she called her Candy Baby, the baby says baby, how perfect.

 Poor Kree, judges didn’t love her version of Pink’s “Perfect” – I love Kree, but admittedly I think it wasn’t her best performance. But then again, Pink is one of my favorite recording artists of all time so anyone would be pale pink to her.
The top three made trips home . The girls took private jets and coasted into their hometowns. Woodville, Texas for Kree, Beverly, Mass for Angie Miller and Candice Glover is from Saint Helena Island, South Carolina.
After three rounds of singing, it is impossible, really to say who was the best. Most people feel Kree was week in the first song, but redeemed herself in the seond and third songs. Candice was the most consistently good, and for once I found Angie at the bottom of the list.
However this will not make a difference to America who will vote for her, because she has great hair and her brother is growing a beard until she wins.
Today, in the press there is a great swirling of rumors that FOX is not going to renew any of the judges contracts for next year. The ratings have slipped a great deal this season and this combined with huge celebrity salaries are shrinking Fox’s profits and disillusioning the network.
Here are some links that are helping with this rumor mill – nothing has been confirmed yet!
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