American Idol is Back!


By Craig Thornton

Let the fur fly and the Fun Begin

 Finally, it’s here—American Idol premieres tonight on FOX 28, your North Country Fox.

Rumors have been flying for months, about a nasty feud that has been happening behind the scenes between the mega divas Niki Minaj and Mariah Carey.  How much is hype? How much is true hair pulling?  We could begin to find out tonight! 

 Everyone knows American Idol is the highest rated show on television, but everyone also knows that it is struggling to hold onto this honor.  Faced with the onslaught of other reality singing shows that are growing in popularity (said in sotto voice, The Voice), competition from its own cousin, The X Factor and other talent reality shows such as America’s Got Talent, AI is beginning to seem like a big heavy Desoto while everyone is zipping around in a Mini Cooper.

 However, last year many television critics bemoaned that American Idol would never be as popular as it was before, that it was on its way out, and yes its ratings have diminished, but they still remained 18-25% higher than any other regularly scheduled programs on other networks.

 So will the double dose of Divas and a mellow Aussie country artist be the right mix needed to add some pizzazz to the old race horse that still wants to finish first?

 Stay tuned, I know I will.


Here is our new American Idol Coffee center, complete with flavored coffee drinks with the judges’ photographs on them-little Diva Kerug cups. I am indulging in some relaxation time. Keep your eye out for a new commercial featuring the coffee center.


Friday, December 2, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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