Americn Idol Recap - Friday, March 23, 2012


By Craig Thornton

And then there were nine:

J-Lo was wearing hot pink last night.  This won’t be the first time, or the last time that, that the word “hot” appears in a sentence with Jennifer Lopez. 

Is it my imagination or is the results show becoming dull as dishwasher?  This coupled with the indiscriminate fawning over the contestants by the judges is making American Idol a yawn fest.  You know it is getting slow when the Ford music video is the highlight.

Does the judge’s hyped up praise influence the vote of the American people?  This year the answer seems to be no.  Heejun should have gone home last night.  Not only did I think he gave the worst performance on Wednesday, but the judges did as well. At least he was in the bottom three, but even he looked surprised and upset when he wasn’t the one who got the boot.  It was Erika.  When the results drama began, I felt hopeful, that finally the American voters were going to send a male contestant home, and there had been some progress.  I was grateful Elise wasn’t in the bottom three again.  I understand she sounds different.  For a moment when I wasn’t paying attention and watching the screen, she sounded a bit like a man.  But then when I watched and heard her at the same time, I thought “who or what” is that? What a great performer she is. 


When it was first announced that Erika Van Pelt was in the bottom three with Heejun and DeAndre, I was at least hopeful that bad hair and talentless poser would go before Erika. I am not sure if this is because I loved her Tommy Hilfiger make-over or I just hate DeAndre and Heejun SO much.  I suspect it is a combination of both.  Even though Erika was better than Heejun on Wednesday night, Erika’s swan song wasn’t very good. She sang for a chance at a judges’ pass and understandably didn’t earn one.  Still Heejun and DeAndre were worse and they should have gone before her.

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