Brief American Idol Recap


By Craig Thornton

Last night was the first night the public was allowed to vote on American Idol. The 12 finalist men took the stage. Although I didn’t watch the entire show, the quality of the men seemed pretty consistent and not too scary. However, I did notice that there was a propensity for over gesticulation. Often it was difficult to discern what contestants were singing because there was such a flurry of hand movement that everything seemed to be a blur. Not only were arms, hands and sometimes legs overused, but mouths and faces seemed to be part of a foreign animated movie. The emphasis of last night’s performances was overemphasis. All this showy madness had me recalling Adele’s brilliant performance at the Grammys on February 12. Then again, a flat tire has me recalling Adele’s performance on February 12. My Adele obsession is very healthy these days.

 Adele was almost gesture-less during her amazing live performance of "Rolling in the Deep." When you have a voice like that you don’t need to look like you are directing planes on the runway. This aside, the guys sounded very good last night and of course there was a surprise. The surprise was the Jermaine was given a second chance. The big guy was allowed to sing for his survival and he didn’t disappoint with his deep voice crooning. Afterward his mother “my beautiful” was allowed to come up on stage and hug his giantness and generally fawn over him. When host Ryan Seacrest was on stage standing next to Jermaine you noticed how huge Jermaine really is compared to normal sized people. Although Ryan is obviously short. 
Perhaps this is how Ryan is able to get around so effortlessly, because he is so short he can go from one place to the next without being seen. Or he can fit into tiny cars that can pull easily up to Hollywood premieres and other crowded events. After all, just days ago he was at the red carpet outside of the no name theater (f.k.a. The Kodak Theater) for the Oscars. It’s here where Sacha Baron Cohen dressed as the character from his new satire The Dictator dumped an urn of fake ashes onto Seacrest. Seacrest, who wisely listened to his mother, had a spare jacket with him.
Following American Idol is fun, and it is a blast to see what J-Lo is going to look like, but with it on three nights this week, how am I supposed to have a life? Then again, it is my life.
Friday, December 9, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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