Glee is Back!


By Craig Thornton

Glee goes over the top – New Episode – Post Super Bowl 12/26/2011

I am catching up on the two new Glee episodes that I missed and my first thought is OVER THE TOP!

First of all, it is beginning to test the borders of believability and credibility when Sue Slyvester’s search for bigger spectacle has her purchasing a circus cannon in hopes of firing a cheerleader out of it. Jane Lynch, the greatest of actors, can sell anything, but even she has the slightest hint of “this is stupid” in her eyes when she is looking at the cannon and making plans with it. If you think that is silly; her violent, yet funny, rage when she doesn’t get her own way is just ludicrous. The key to Sue Sylvester’s character has always been that no matter how evil she becomes there was always an element of humanity beneath the cynicism, so when she throws a tantrum because she cannot put a student in danger (a human cannonball) I question the show’s integrity. Furthermore why the fit now, when there have been so many more times that Sue could have thrown and smashed things when she didn’t get what she wanted? It seemed forced.

When the football team teams up with Glee in an attempt to create harmony between the feuding factions, it gets even sillier. There are too many fights in this episode too. However, the mullet wearing hockey team is a great touch. Yet it is totally unbelievable that the testosterone heavy football players would stand there and get slush in their face, haven’t they beating each other the entire episode and they suddenly decide to not fight back?

There is way too much going on in this episode, the championship game, a big half-time show, too many fights, Sue’s temper tantrum and some state wide cheerleading competition. And don’t forget you can’t play in the championship football game unless you join glee club as this is apparently the punishment for feuding all the time.

The big Thriller number is indeed good, and well choreographed, but then again the musical numbers are always good on GLEE.

There is a bit of redemption when Katie Couric, who appears to be aggressively combating her CBS evening news failing ratings with ubiquitous cameos on shows on all the networks, interviews Sue Sylvester as loser of the year. The list of things and people Sue beat out is funny.

I am still a Glee fan, and perhaps this is why I am beginning to take umbrage with this melodramatic too busy episode. Also, I think the Glee writers need to visit a real high school and met real teenagers, because the stories they are telling are beginning to lose their realism, which could result in the loss of viewers.

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