“Oh child, things are going to get easier, oh child things'll   get brighter”

 These are the words I started singing when I came out of the theater from seeing Guardians of the Galaxy Directed by James Gunn. Marvel Studios has become a household name, even prior to the purchase of the company by Disney. They have lead all of their viewers through the years so now we are cheering for a talking Raccoon and his sidekick tree.

 The question is how did we get to this point where we are in space, and have no clue who these ragtag bunch of misfits are?

 The answer is a big giant puzzle that's built in phases, and yet each piece can stand mostly on its own two feet.

 By looking at the reviews on popular sites like www.metacritic.com, or www.Rottentomatoes.com, we can see what Marvel Studios has done is nothing short of amazing.

 From Ironman, Captain America, Thor to the crowd pleasing Avengers, we can see these super hero films stand on their own as entertaining, but also connect to one another like no other franchise outside of stalwart established franchises like Star Wars have done.  Marvel Studios has done what George Lucas could not, and that is look to the future for films and see how they all interweave with one another.

 Here we are in summer of 2014 with Winter Soldiers preparing for the Dawning of Apes while waiting for Godzilla at the Edge of Tomorrow, and a film with a talking Raccoon gets my vote for best Film of the summer.

  Who would have thought that someone from Parks and Recreation would make Harrison's Ford's Han Solo look boring in this year's Guardians of the Galaxy.


Chris Pratt stars as Peter Jason Quill or Star-Lord as he calls himself, a thief from Earth who is looking for a mysterious orb when we first meet him. For those who have doubts on seriousness, the first few minutes before we make it to space might make you tear up just a bit.

 I don't know if its his witty one-liner's, his charisma and charm that we just expect, and smile with pleasing effect. But if the beginning of the film with a dancing Chris Pratt filled with music reminiscent of popular 70's and 80's music doesn't hook you, then I don't think this movie is for you. If you do have a funny bone, and a knack for Nostalgia music, then you will fall head over heals in love with the soundtrack alone.

 But Peter Quill isn't the only star in this galaxy, as we have Bradley Cooper voicing for Rocket the wise-cracking Raccoon. Who might be the best animated character since Yoda.  From his subtle expressions to crazy antics this raccoon is crazier (in a good way) than raccoons tipping over garbage cans in The Great Outdoors.


Then we have Groot a walking Organic tree-like life form (voiced by Vin Diesel) that doesn't have many lines, actually his  vocabulary I-AM-and GROOT are the only words until the end of the film, that he actually says. Yet the way the people down in Industrial Light and Magic were able animate him, you can't deny not feeling for him, when he is conveying some sort of emotion.

 Then there's Zoe Zaldana's Gamora the daughter of the Marvel Villain Thanos (played by Josh Brolin). Who through here non Understanding of people from Terran(Earth) and problems of being associated with Thanos comes off earnest and authentic.

 Next we have the muscle-bound Galactic MARVEL Universe character Draxx the Destroyer being played by WWE wrestler DAVID Batista. Perhaps you think this would have been the films low point but in fact, I found myself laughing and cheering when his character didn't understand metaphors, and other lingo being talked by other cast members.

Now there's the main Protagonist in the form of Ronan The Accuser played by Lee Pace though menacing, he never goes beyond your typical “Bad guy wants to Destroy the universe”.

Other Characters like Michael Rooker's Yondu steal the scenes he's in by just being his blue self with a Mohawk.

 But who Ronan is initially working for, and what he was trying to obtain with the orb is what should excite fans, and have them excited for the future of the Marvel Universe.

To those who would like more elaboration on this, go pick up Guardians of the Galaxy Prequel comic that's currently out at local shops Hero's Haven and Sanctuary Comics.

 All these crazy misfit characters find each because, they all have issues. The Orb that Gamora and Peter Quill are after is just an object for them to fixate on, rather than deal with their issues.

 The same goes for Bounty Hunter Rocket who wants to just get paid and leave the Nova Corps(Space Cops) behind him.

 Every character gets enough screen time for you to understand their underlying issues, especially rocket and Peter.

 By the end you will understand what Director James Gunn was trying to achieve, and in my book he hit it out of this world.

 I give this Movie “TWO Full Thumbs UP”, and recommend it to anyone wanting to feel like they were watching Star Wars or Goonies for the first time as a kid.

 PS: As is all Marvel films, stay after the Movie for a End scene that had everyone busting.