Thousand Islands Arts Center (TIAC) 314 John Street, Clayton- announces a special, ten-day only exhibit (August 1 – 10) dedicated to John Scarlett’s spectacular metal forgings: Strike ‘til the Iron is Art: 30 Years at the Anvil.  The exhibit will expose viewers to a unique, expert use of historical and contemporary applications of iron, stainless steel, copper and bronze, along with the latest welding and cutting operations.  

 John Scarlett is a whitesmith as well as a blacksmith and has an impressive – if not unmatched – familiarity with how iron responds to heat and hammer.  He uses mostly traditional techniques with handmade tools to shape hot steel into a variety of architectural and ornamental objects for public, commercial, and private settings. 

 Scarlett works from Little Tree Forge, his one-man shop in Rossie, NY, producing his custom-designed ironwork that includes (but is certainly not limited to): furniture, sculpture, weather vanes, lighting devices, and fireplace screens and equipment that can only be described as magnificent works of art. 

 Well known and highly respected nationally, Scarlett’s work has also grown quite a following of summer and year-round residents of the Thousand Islands.  Many pieces commissioned by members of our community will be brought from their homes to TIAC’s galleries for the exhibit – a testament to Mr. Scarlett and his creative process as he is able to forge highly personalized pieces for each client by simultaneously forging lasting relationships.

  The Thousand Islands Arts Center is a private, nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation and promotion of traditional arts and handcrafts through educational programs, classes, lectures, and exhibits.  Home to a nationally renowned permanent collection and library of handwoven textiles, the Arts Center also offers a wide variety of classes for all levels of students – from the beginner to the professional artist. The Thousand Islands Arts Center’s purpose is to encourage the art of handcrafts and to pass on the traditions of heritage arts.