Joyce Manor - Music Review


By Seth Eggleston

 Joyce Manor just released their new album Of All Things I will soon Grow Tired April 3rd, 2012 on Asian Man Records. The west coast based label has released punk greats such as Alkaline Trio, Andrew Jackson Jihad, The Queers, and Lemuria. It’s safe to say that Joyce Manor has also joined the ranks of their label mates.

Joyce Manor released a self-titled album in 2011 on 6131 Records, and after a non-stop assault of touring in the U.S. they picked up some buzz. Their previous album was, although awesome, nothing remarkable for the time period, fast, teen angst filled, chaotic at times, catchy, pop-punk. But the new album, although it has some of the same characteristics, sets them apart.

                The album times in at a little over thirteen minutes, giving you exactly what you want, no fabulous fillers, no over exaggerated musicianship, just pure unadulterated punk influenced indie. What’s great about this album is the blending of influences. There are songs like Comfortable Clothes and If I Needed You There, which remind me a lot of the first album Jawbreaker-influenced, aggressive pop-punk chaotic drums, driving chords, and unbelievably catchy melodies, then there are songs like Bride of Usher and These Kind of Ice Skates that are leaking The Smiths influence, they are so full of it.

 Singer Barry Johnson’s San Francisco Bay area influenced vocals give the album a really cool and original late 80’s alternative feel. Drainage and I’m Always Tired slow down the album for a moment with songs unlike anything I’ve ever heard from this band before, slow, self-loathing ballads. And heck, they even threw in a Video killed the Radio Star cover! They gave it their own Joyce Manor twist, short, fast, and catchy.

  I would recommend this album to all of my friends and anyone into pop-punk. An album like this is refreshing, and reminds me why I love the genre. This thirteen song banger is definitely for fans of Basement, Title Fight, and Jawbreaker. You can grab Joyce Manor’s Of All Things I Will Soon Grow Tired on the Asian Man Records web store.

Thursday, December 8, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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