KINGSTON, Ontario ----  Michael R. Kinnie the Producing Artisitic Director of the Lake Ontario Playhouse, a comedy theatre presenting stand-up comedy every Friday and Saturday in Sackets Harbor just announced that his short comedy film UNDERCOVER EM was chosen to be featured as one of the "Local Shorts" in the Kingston Film Festival this weekend.  The film is written, directed and edited by Mr. Kinnie and will be shown before the feature film PICTURE DAY at the Baby Grand Theatre on Princess Street in Kingston, Ontario at 7:10 pm

UNDERCOVER EM is the story of a Canadian spy who goes way undercover as a new born infant.  "Yes, that far undercover," to try and see why an American couple her "quote parents" moved to Kingston, Ontario from the U.S.  It is six minutes long and features Mr. Kinnie's 11 month old daughter in the leading role.  "Casting was tough," Mr. Kinnie said.  "We are very excited to be part of the film festival."  Mr. Kinnie and his wife Rebecca Collins Kinnie live in Kingston, but commute every weekend to the Lake Ontario Playhouse in Sackets Harbor, N.Y. to present the weekly comedy shows.  "I love comedy and entering a comedy short in the Kingston Film Festival was a dream come true!"
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