Possible Spoilers

Greg Kinnear plays the guy you want to win at everything. He’s smooth and slick with his words with the everyday people he interacts with . He plays coy with his Chinese restaurant owning neighbors, when he drinks his Chinese tea and reads the......paper. Even goes as far as using them for transportation to get to work on time.

 From the minute we meet him in the first scene with what can only be described as a  young call girl, he’s not using her for the services that are usually offered, but using her to help pull a tooth that he doesn’t have money to get removed.

 That’s should be a red flag right there, why does this charming guy’s life look so sucky? Even the bouncer who beats the crap out of him, likes him, and says he’s sorry before he lays into him for being 60,000 in debt.

 By the time we see him at a family funeral, looking like he actually is doing something he can’t screw up we see the camera pull back to reveal an earpiece tied to his phone as  he listens to the team he probably bet money on….lose.

 Then we see what his issue is, it’s not his lawyer practice, which in the show, we see as his golden light to change his ways. If he can win a case that sets a cannibal free, from charges, he can feed his real problem----his gambling addiction.

 He runs around doing multiple jobs from teaching (when he’s not running into the call girl that happens to also be a student), to Attorney, and even helps people who have legal questions.

It almost becomes expected to see how bad his life can get, after we see an everyday downward spiral that seems to have no end. Rake has some great comedy acting by Kinnear, but the supporting cast is not strong. Hopefully they show can introduce more characters as his debt gets more serious. Because as it stands everything rests on Greg Kinnear’s shoulders, so it will be up to the writers to give him somebody to play off.

In the end, it’s a show we should be tuning in, because of when it fires on all cylinders it’s a riot, if I were to compare it to anything it would be the FOX version of Californication, without the extreme adult themes.

But the humor, demeanor and set up has a lot for people to like.

Guess we will see how Rake, rakes in the ratings on FOX going forward.