Syracuse Stage will be holding youth auditions for 11-13 year old African American girls, for the role of 11-year-old Maretha in August Wilson’s The Piano Lesson. Auditions will take place on Friday, May 16 and Saturday, May 17. To schedule an audition, please contact Chris Botek at 315-443-4008.

 Those wishing to audition should prepare a short (1 minute) monologue or speech, and should be ready to play a couple measures of a simple piece on the piano (something like Chopsticks is ok.) The person cast must be available for all rehearsals (September 23—October 21) and performances (October 22—November 9), and she must be age 13 or under through November 13, 2014.

 August Wilson’s The Piano Lesson is a Pulitzer Prize-winning drama. "It seems to sing even when it is talking,” said The New York Times. "Haunting as well as haunted,” said New York Newsday.

 In The Piano Lesson, the past threatens to pull apart brother and sister. Bernice treasures a one-of-a-kind piano, an heirloom with carved figures of their enslaved ancestors. Boy Willie suddenly arrives from the South determined to sell the piano and buy the land his family worked on. When the ghost of the piano’s original owner appears, family conflicts escalate to a dramatic confrontation.

The Piano Lesson will be directed by Timothy Bond, Stage’s producing artistic director.