Syracuse Stage will be holding youth auditions for boys and girls ages 6-13 for eight roles in the 2013 holiday show A Christmas Carol. Youth auditions will take place on Wednesday, May 29 and Thursday, May 30 from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. each day. To schedule an audition, please contact Chris Botek at 315-443-4008.

Those wishing to audition should prepare a short (1 minute) monologue or speech. All actors must try a British accent. Actors may be asked to sing a portion of a traditional Christmas carol. Actors should appear to be the ages of the characters as described below. Children from diverse cultural backgrounds are encouraged to audition, and older actors who look younger are encouraged to audition.

Those cast must be available for all rehearsals (October 22—November 22) and performances (November 23—December 29), and must be age 13 or under through December 29, 2013.
Adapted by acclaimed playwright Romulus Linney, this new-to-Syracuse version of A Christmas Carol stays close to Dickens’ original story, offering a magical journey through Christmas past, present and future in a show that embodies the peace, goodwill and joy of the holiday season. A Christmas Carol will be a co-production with Syracuse University’s Department of Drama.
Orson/Ignorance (8): “Orson” is a rambunctious schoolboy. “Ignorance” is small, ragged and frightened. He does not speak.
Peter (12-13): Proud, good and dependable.
Scrooge as a Boy/Boy who Carols (8): “Scrooge as a Boy” is sad, his soul turned inward. “Boy who Carols” is open, brave, sweet-faced and has a musical soul; he sings. Actor much be able to create two different characters.
Tiny Tim (6-7): A sweet, big-hearted, small-statured, optimistic little boy. He walks with the aid of a crutch.
Valentine (8): A rambunctious schoolboy.
Belinda (13): Good, helpful and full of caring.
Gillian/Want (8): “Gillian” is kind and finds wonder in things big and small. “Want” is a dirty and ragged little girl. She does not speak.
Miranda (6): Playful and bright.