I'd like to cut back on the amount of red meat I eat but I know I need the protein. What are some healthy meals I can prepare?

Not only is reducing the amount of red meat in your diet good for you, but it also allows you to explore other fun protein options. Try starting off with Meatless Mondays -- one day a week you can replace red meat with fish, poultry, tofu or legumes.

For other tasty sources of protein, "beans are always easy, yummy and healthy," says Michelle Rousseau, chef and founder of the popular blog 2SistersAndAMeal.com. "You can definitely use canned beans, which are quick to make."

Try these two easy meals you can make at home:

Latin: "Sauté up some black beans with cilantro, bell peppers, tomato, onion, garlic, chili and cumin," says Rousseau. Then "serve with a salad and a tortilla or brown rice with platanos for a super tasty and hearty meal".

French: With summer coming, try
grilling some fresh fish like snapper or tilapia to make fish tacos. "Or you
can grill tuna steaks or fresh salmon and pair over a salad with potatoes,
olives, green beans and boiled eggs for a hearty Salad Nicoise," suggests Rousseau.

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