How To Choose & How To Use Canes


If someone is having problems with balance or needs to take weight off one leg, using a cane is commonly recommended.

But it's important that it be properly fitted to get the best results.

There are two main types of canes - those with a single tip and those with four prongs for added stability. 

They come in different lengths or are adjustable.

The wrong size cane can bring on other problems.

"Back pain, loss of balance because of a poor fit, arm pain, numbness, uneven joint pressure," said Cheryl Howard of Innovative Physical Therapy.

At Innovative Physical Therapy in Watertown proper cane fitting is part of the business.

As for which hand to hold the can in, it's recommended that if the cane is being used to take weight off one side of the body, the cane be held on the opposite side. 

If it's for stability, it's best to hold the cane in the hand you use least.
Still not sure if your cane fits you properly? 

Innovative Physical Therapy offers free consultations and will take a look. 

Just give them a call at 786-0655.

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