Tomorrow's Health: Aspirin Could Lower Risk For Skin Cancer


Aspirin might lower the risk of a certain type of skin cancer and researchers say some diabetes drugs could help protect against heart failure.

Cancer Risk
Aspirin might reduce a woman's chance of developing melanoma.
New research in the journal Cancer looked at nearly 60,000 women for about 12 years.
The study found women who used aspirin had a 21 percent lower risk of melanoma. Women who used aspirin for five years or longer had a 30 percent lower risk.
Researchers did not find the same link when they looked at other pain medications like acetaminophen.
Whooping Cough
Kids may lose immunity to whooping cough in the years after they get the fifth dose of the DTAP vaccine, which protects against the disease.
The study in the journal Pediatrics tracked the immunization records of children in Oregon and Minnesota and compared them to cases of whooping cough.
They found an increase in the highly contagious disease in the six years after they got the fifth dose of the vaccine.
Diabetes Medication Benefits
Certain diabetes medications may help protect patients from developing heart failure.
Research presented at the American College of Cardiology's annual meeting looked at nearly 4,500 patients taking blood-sugar-lowering medications.
The study found those using newer diabetes medications had a reduced risk of being hospitalized for heart failure, as well as fewer deaths.
Friday, December 2, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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