Tomorrow's Health: DNA Could Point To Prostate Cancer Risk


 A new study indicates which patients are most likely to have the most lethal form of prostate cancer.

The study shows certain DNA changes contribute to the development of prostate cancer.
Researchers found that patients with particular kinds of genetic changes have a high likelihood of dying from the disease.
The findings may offer doctors insight into which patients should be treated aggressively.
Overweight Children
New research in the journal Pediatrics finds it is a common practice for parents to try to restrict the food intake of their overweight children or pressure them to eat if they are not overweight.
The study's authors say instead of doing those things, parents should try behaviors that are known to protect against unhealthy weight gain.
They give parents such tips as eating nutritious meals together as a family and setting a good example with their own healthy food choices.
Dieting First, Or Exercising?
People who want to get into shape often wonder whether they should start with dieting or exercising.
Researchers from Stanford University say for the best results, chance both habits at the same time.
The study also found that focusing on diet first -- which many weight-loss programs encourage -- may not be beneficial.
If you have to start with one, you're likely better off with physical activity first.
Saturday, December 3, 2016
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