Tomorrow's Health: Detecting Alzheimer's Early


Doctors might be closer to a test that detects Alzheimer's disease early.

Also, the brain might be busier during sleep than scientists first thought and there could be a link between psoriasis and kidney disease.
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Detecting Alzheimer's
Researchers at Johns Hopkins believe they might be able to spot Alzheimer's disease years before memory loss begins.
The study found people with certain proteins in their spinal fluid have a higher chance of developing the disease.
Scientists hope their discovery will lead to a test so doctors can treat patients early and possibly prevent the disease.
Kidney Disease Link
A new study links moderate to severe psoriasis to chronic kidney disease. Researchers in Philadelphia found patients with the severe form of the common inflammatory skin disease were nearly twice as likely to develop chronic kidney disease compared to whose without the disease.
Severe psoriasis is defined as having 10 percent or more of the body's surface affected.
The Brain At Sleep
A study in the journal Science finds that when we sleep, the brain is busy cleaning house.
Researchers took detailed brain scans of mice and discovered brain cells actually shrink during sleep.
This allows the brain to clear out toxins responsible for Alzheimer's and other neurological disorders.
Doctors believe the same holds true for people and are planning tests to find out.
Friday, December 9, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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