Tomorrow's Health: Don't Stop Taking BP Meds


It's a good idea for blood pressure patients to stick to their prescribed treatment.

Also, researchers announce a high-tech breakthrough in the operating room and a drug could help increase athletic endurance.
'Intelligent Knife'
Scientists have developed what they call an "intelligent knife". It's a surgical instrument that tells doctors immediately if the tissue they are cutting is cancerous.
Researchers in London tested the I-knife and found it to be 100 percent accurate.
It works by analyzing smoke from vaporized tissue so the surgeons know instantly if it is healthy or cancerous.
Skipping BP Meds
A new study finds how dangerous it might be for people with high blood pressure to skip their medication.
Researchers in Europe followed nearly 74,000 patients. Those who did not take their drug treatments correctly were at four times the risk of dying from a stroke in the first two years.
Endurance Drug
Researchers in Florida say they've developed an experimental drug that could someday improve exercise endurance. They say it boosts metabolism in the liver.
Lab mice on the drug were able to run 50 percent faster and longer than other mice.
Scientists hope their findings will eventually help people with conditions like obesity and congestive heart failure, which limit the ability to exercise.
Saturday, December 3, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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