Tomorrow's Health: Early Dyslexia Diagnosis


Doctors may have spotted the cause of a common reading disorder.

Also, a new study suggests some prostate cancer patients might not need immediate treatment and another study cautions against being overweight and pregnant.
Early Dyslexia Diagnosis
Brain scans may help spot dyslexia sooner.
The condition makes it difficult to read and is usually diagnosed around the second grade.
Researchers at MIT believe they can spot it when children reach kindergarten.
They scanned kids with reading problems and found unique differences in a part of the brain that deals with language processing.
Postponing Treatment
Researchers in Boston say a watch-and-wait approach might be the best treatment for early stage prostate cancer.
Scientists analyzed hundreds of cases and found most low-grade tumors do not grow over time.
Doctors believe many of these patients can avoid treatment and instead schedule regular checkups to make sure the disease isn't progressing.
Risk From Overweight Mothers
A study out of Britain finds children born to overweight mothers are more likely to die before they turn 55.
Researchers say the risk is 35 percent highers.
Doctors suspect being overweight at pregnancy might cause permanent appetite and metabolism changes in the fetus, leading to health problems for the child later in life.
Thursday, December 8, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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