Tomorrow's Health: Flu Shot Only 9% Effective For Seniors


Government researchers say the latest flu shot is not that effective in people over 65 and there's new information about how television can affect how children behave.

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This season's flu shot is only giving seniors 9 percent protection from the most dangerous flu strain. A government report says -- for all age groups -- the vaccine is 56 percent effective, which is typical.

Researchers say the 9 percent in seniors is much lower than anticipated and they're not sure why.

Two studies in the journal Pediatrics give parents some guidance on what kids should watch on TV and how often.

In one study, researchers found kids who watch TV excessively are more likely to exhibit antisocial and criminal behavior as adults.

A second study found limiting how much aggressive behavior preschoolers see on television can improve their conduct.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends children watch no more than two hours of quality programming per day.

The latest research on hip replacements shows female patients face a higher risk of needing a follow-up operation than men.

A new study from Southern California Permanente Medical Group finds women who undergo total hip replacement surgery face a 29 percent higher risk of implant failure within the first three years than men.

Researchers explain smaller implants involve a smaller ball in the socket, which can dislocate more easily.

Friday, December 2, 2016
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