Tomorrow's Health: Link Between Obesity & Migraines?


Doctors are investigating how obesity could be linked to migraines.

Also, there's new evidence about the mental health benefits of exercise and a new clue could predict whether breast cancer is likely to reappear.
Migraine-Weight Connection
Researchers see a connection between migraines and body weight. A study at Johns Hopkins tracked thousands of patients and found obese people were more than 80 percent more likely to have migraines -- both chronic and occasional.
Scientists say the findings suggest doctors should consider diet and exercises for treating migraines.
Exercise & Depression
There's new evidence that exercise could be helping people struggling with depression.
Researchers looked at dozens of trials and found moderate benefits.
In fact, some of the smaller studies suggest exercise could be as effective in treating depression as psychological therapy or taking antidepressants.
Researchers say more study is needed.
Breast Cancer Clue
Doctors might have a new clue for predicting whether a woman's breast cancer is likely to recur.
A new study looks at a genetic marker found in breast tumors. It can help identify which patients are most at risk for recurrence.
Doctors might be able to use that information to design ongoing treatment for those patients.
Thursday, December 8, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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