Tomorrow's Health: TV Safety


There's a safety issue to consider when it comes to kids and televisions.

Also, there are questions about the health benefits of red wine and some hope for people who suffer from multiple sclerosis.

TV Injuries

More kids are getting hurt while watching TV. A new study finds more than 17,000 U.S. children are treated in emergency rooms each year for TV-related injuries. That's 125 higher than in 1990.

Researchers say head and neck injuries are most common and that most of the time injuries happen when TVs fall off dressers or entertainment centers.

New Hope For MS

New research offers hope that multiple sclerosis patients can one day get back lost function.

With MS, the body's immune system attacks myelin, the protective sheath around the nerves, leaving nerves exposed and damaged. Symptoms range from numbness to paralysis.

Researchers in the United Kingdom find that certain immune cells can help regenerate myelin. Researchers hope their findings lead to new drug therapies.

Red Wine Good For You?

Researchers in Denmark say the antioxidant found in red wine actually counteracts the benefits of exercise in older men.

The study found that reservatrol negated the effects of exercise on blood pressure and cholesterol.

Researchers were surprised  because earlier studies in animals found reservatrol improved the cardiovascular benefits of exercise.
Friday, December 9, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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