Tomorrow's Health: Universal Flu Vaccine?


Progress has been made on a vaccine that could save lives.

Also, there's a new push to help new mothers with breast-feeding concerns and artificial sweeteners might not help with weight loss.
Universal Flu Vaccine
Scientists are moving closer to developing a universal flu vaccine.
Using data gathered during the 2009 pandemic, London researchers found people who didn't get very sick had more of a certain virus-killing cell in their blood.
They are working to develop a drug that stimulates the body to produce those cells. That drug could one day be used as a universal flu vaccine.
Breast-Feeding Help
New research shows 92 percent of new mothers experience at least one breast-feeding concern within three days of giving birth.
Many women experience pain or have problems getting their babies to nurse properly.
Doctors at Cincinnati Children's Hospital say new strategies are needed to help new mothers.
Artificial Sweeteners
Artificial sweeteners might not help you lose weight.
Researchers at Yale University say people who drink artificially sweetened products are more likely to choose high-calorie alternatives later on.
Scientists say the sweeteners do not produce the amount of energy the brain craves.
They suggest a happy medium: combining sweeteners with a small amount of sugar.
Monday, December 5, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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