Tomorrow's Health: Ways To Help Lower BP


The American Heart Association says aerobic exercise and strength training may help lower blood pressure.

A new report from the group says certain kinds of meditation and slow breathing may also help, but these therapies should be used in addition to -- not instead of -- traditional treatments.
The AHA also says there is not enough evidence to recommend yoga or acupuncture to treat high blood pressure.
Link To Multiple Sclerosis
Problems in a key area of the brain may be associated with multiple sclerosis.
Researchers in Buffalo looked at hundreds of people who had a single neurological attack, such as visual disturbances and muscle weakness.
They found the patients who had deterioration in the part of the brain known as the thalamus were at an increased risk of having a second episode.
The findings could lead to new ways to treat the debilitating neurological disorder.
Diagnostic Mistakes
Researchers looking into malpractice payouts find diagnostic mistakes are more common, more costly, and more harmful than other kinds of medical mistakes, including surgical errors and drug overdoses.
Diagnostic mistakes are diagnoses that are missed, are wrong, or weren't caught in time.
Johns Hopkins researchers estimate up to 160,000 patients each year suffer permanent injury or death because of diagnostic errors.
Sunday, December 4, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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