Tomorrow's Heath: Drinking Coffee Could Improve Memory


Story Updated: Jan 14, 2014

There's even more reason to enjoy a cup of coffee. Also, there are benefits to brain training and researchers close in on the HIV virus.

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Caffeine Improves Memory
That morning cup of coffee not only wakes you up, but can help your long-term memory, according to researchers at John Hopkins University
Scientists tested the memory of people who had caffeine pills the day before and those who had not. They found the caffeine group forgot less in the 24 hours after they took the pill.
Brain Training
Another Johns Hopkins study shows older adults who train their brains -- even a small amount -- can reap big rewards later.
Researchers looked at nearly 3,000 people, putting some into memory-training groups.
Those participants met just 10 times and were taught strategies such as remembering word lists and locating visual information quickly.
Ten years later, that group reported they could remember more, reason better and process information faster.
Tracking Down HIV
Researchers say they've discovered where HIV hides in the body.
Antiviral therapy can suppress HIV and keep it from replication, but doctors haven't been able to force HIV out.
Researchers in Boston now say they've found the virus in a small group of recently identified T-cells.
They say these particular T-cells have the ability to live for decades, regenerating new HIV-infected cells.

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Anonymous said on Tuesday, Jan 14 at 1:39 PM

Most arguments i'm reading in the comments are full of fallacies. The only cite I saw was the one based on the poster's grandfather having dementia after consuming the greater part of a gallon of coffee every day. The writer cites several john hopkins studies. Your arguments are invalid. If you think this article says to drink more coffee perhaps you you should read more than the headline.

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The Chicken or the Author? said on Tuesday, Jan 14 at 10:30 AM

My grandfather would drink ~10 8oz cups of Joe a day. He now suffers from dementia. Coffee isn't a wonder drug, just a stimulant and like anything should be consumed in moderation. This article shouldn't be taken by a reader as a justification to consume more...they should also fire the writer of the article and hire a chicken to peck random keys (that would probably result in a better article).

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Jethro said on Tuesday, Jan 14 at 10:22 AM

Too much coffee also makes you have diarrhea, but at least you'll remember it...

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Captain Obvious said on Tuesday, Jan 14 at 10:19 AM

Whoever wrote this didn't drink their morning coffee. "Heath." Random toutes about HIV? Drunk much?

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coffee cuts off blood flow to the brain said on Tuesday, Jan 14 at 10:16 AM

Two cups of coffee cuts the blood flow to the brain by 40%.

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Fred said on Tuesday, Jan 14 at 10:11 AM

No amount of evidence will convince the chorus of naysayers that love to say no based upon their life outlook, political bent and a general distrust of anyone and everyone except for themselves and fellow naysayers. A sad commentary about what floods the internet today....

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Karuppasamy said on Tuesday, Jan 14 at 10:00 AM

I felt coffee is good drink early morning, it will help to memery power AND good health. WITH brisk.

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bini said on Tuesday, Jan 14 at 9:59 AM

tomorrow's heath is today's cliff?

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Jim Bob said on Tuesday, Jan 14 at 9:45 AM

Worst news article all time. A fourth grader must have written it. I especially enjoyed the random facts about HIV, as if no one had discovered that information before...

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Dennis Bell said on Tuesday, Jan 14 at 9:42 AM

It will improve your memory, if the caffeine heart irrythmia it induces doesn't kill you. And you'll have crystall clear memories of tossing and turning in bed all night with caffeine sleeplessness. Great stuff.

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Blah said on Tuesday, Jan 14 at 9:42 AM

How did this make google news?

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Jack said on Tuesday, Jan 14 at 9:41 AM

Everything gives you cancer and everything is good for you.

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TheTranslator said on Tuesday, Jan 14 at 9:39 AM

Just look at who paid the study. Because the reverse is true. Long term Coffee consumption has an all around negative impact on memory functions.

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Frank Frank said on Tuesday, Jan 14 at 9:31 AM

It has been known for a long time that coffee has medicinal properties. Coffee will stop an asthma attack and will help men with prostate problems urinate. Memory improvement is one more benefit of coffee and caffeine.

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ElJefe54 said on Tuesday, Jan 14 at 9:26 AM

Coffee may improve memory but it doesn't do much for your spelling, apparently.

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Patriot454 said on Tuesday, Jan 14 at 9:25 AM

The most important question remains unanswered: Who financed this study?

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DSDSAHU said on Tuesday, Jan 14 at 8:59 AM

Heath or Health

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Bob N. Forapples said on Tuesday, Jan 14 at 8:53 AM

Iris coffee does improve memory yes, however researchers have discovered it also seems to make the elderly fall down a lot.

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robert said on Tuesday, Jan 14 at 8:47 AM

If you believe what Fox News (?) tells you I have a bridge you can by cheap.

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jani said on Tuesday, Jan 14 at 8:44 AM

Obviously the reporter did not have his coffee this morning and it is because he is still in 4th grade.

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Gabe Sheere said on Tuesday, Jan 14 at 8:44 AM

I wish this was true, but coffee hasn't work for me in over 40 years. In my case it might have the reverse affect, oh wait, I don't remember!! darn it.

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JGNy said on Tuesday, Jan 14 at 8:33 AM

Just yesterday, coffee was awful for you.

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sepp gmuender said on Tuesday, Jan 14 at 8:31 AM

well well, what does starbucks say,, a complementary for all before you get too smart

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Anonymous said on Tuesday, Jan 14 at 8:30 AM

can we believe this?could caffeine helps a person without any harm?

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WhtaehtF? said on Tuesday, Jan 14 at 8:29 AM

And you get Parkinson at a later age...

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Kurtis Engle said on Tuesday, Jan 14 at 8:27 AM

Why is HIV in this story? Or, alternately, why is brain training in this story? Or, alternately, why is coffee in this story? We got three stories mixed together, assorted spelling mistakes and no byline. Is the editor sick? OH! It's FOX.

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Anonymous said on Tuesday, Jan 14 at 8:09 AM

So my morning coffee offsets my evening marijuana use?

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manonfire said on Tuesday, Jan 14 at 7:57 AM

@anon. what can you expect from Fox news, they hite dumb blondes and hill billy reporters from the deepest regions of red neck country.

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Max said on Tuesday, Jan 14 at 7:52 AM

Can we not spell HEALTH

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Richard Cappotra said on Tuesday, Jan 14 at 7:43 AM

Does Irish coffee help too?

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Lisa said on Tuesday, Jan 14 at 7:40 AM

Can coffee improve spelling ability? "Health,H-E-A-L-T-H, Health"

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anon said on Tuesday, Jan 14 at 7:27 AM

Its JohnS Hopkins, not John Hopkins!

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