Winter Blues Or Something More - Some Tips On Coping


If the cold, clowdy and snowy weather is bringing you down, you're not alone.

"All these things affect how we feel," said Dr. Thomas Keller, a psychiatrist and the director of River Community Wellness Program at River Hospital in Alexandria Bay. 

He says your best defense against seasonal depression is to stay active, avoid isolation and get as much light as possible.

"Light up two or three lights. Brighten it up. Don't sit in a dark room. That's not going to help your mood," said Dr. Keller.

If your symptoms are more than just the blues and are affecting your everyday life, Dr. Keller says you should talk to your physician.

"We may want to talk to you about either seeing a therapist, a psychiatrist or we may want you to actually start on a medication for depression,” said Dr. Keller.

But in most cases, the winter blues, like the winter weather, will pass.

Something simple you can do to improve your mood is to get a pet. 

Dr. Keller says caring for a dog or cat can really lift your spirits.

Friday, December 2, 2016
, Watertown, NY

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