• Cockroaches May Be Primary Allergen Culprit

    Allergy season is in full swing in many parts of the nation as spring sprung much earlier than usual. However, pollen may not be the only culprit behind watery eyes and sneezing fits. Few people know that cockroaches can trigger allergies and cause asthma in children.... Read more..

  • This Halloween, Ensure Only Fake Bats and Spiders Are in Your House

    Bats, bees and spiders, oh my! While it's certainly normal to see these creatures invade your front doorstep on Halloween in the form of candy treat seekers, the real ones are generally unwelcome pests no one wants in or around their homes.... Read more..

  • 'Roofs for Troops' Helps Struggling Military Families

    It's a good thing no one joins the armed forces to get rich because it turns out a higher percentage of military families are in debt than civilians.... Read more..

  • New Dirt on Ants: Home Infestations on the Rise

    A new nationwide survey of licensed pest professionals uncovered some dirt on ants -- from coast to coast, ant infestations are on the rise. ... Read more..

  • Transform Your Trash

    The jars came first. Instead of sending my growing collection of empty glass receptacles to their usual fate at the bottom of the recycle bin, I did something unexpected -- something wild. I peeled off their labels and plopped them in the dishwasher.... Read more..

  • Do all houseplants help improve the air quality inside my home?

    Since every type of houseplant takes in carbon dioxide and expels oxygen, they all improve air quality to a certain extent. But some houseplants can actually serve as air purifiers, filtering out more specific pollutants. ... Read more..

  • 7 Home Filters You Probably Didn't Know Should Be Changed

    Home cleaning is a catch-all phrase for the general de-clutter and organizational projects that abound when messiness trumps neatness. But in addition to clearing out the garage, don't forget to change those oft-neglected filters that can harm your health if left unclean.... Read more..

  • What You Need to Know About Renters Insurance

    If you are thinking about renting, there are many questions that might be on your mind, such as whether you'll have a good landlord, what your neighbors will be like and how you'll come up with the money for your security deposit. With all this to consider, it can be easy to overlook the obvious -- like renters insurance. ... Read more..

  • Cleaning on the Go!

    When my kids were little, I used to devote an entire morning to cleaning the house.... Read more..

  • Carpets Help Insulate Homes

    In today's economic climate, Americans are trying to stretch their pennies by making their homes more energy-efficient. Green homes save money and help the environment, but if you have already invested in energy-efficient appliances, what else can be done?... Read more..

  • Why Are Your Water Bills Increasing?

    It's a common question. If consumption of water remains constant, or even goes down because of conservation, why does your rate go up? Unfortunately for consumers, there is no simple answer. ... Read more..

  • Don't Declaw: Furniture-saving Tips and Tricks

    You love your cat, but you also love your furniture. Now, with minimal effort, it’s relatively simple to live in harmony with your cat and enjoy scratch-free furniture.... Read more..

  • Junk Removal Company Targets Greener Techniques

    Stuff happens. We all have it. Too much of it in fact, if you believe the late George Carlin.... Read more..

  • Pet Owners Beware: Pests Are Poised for Attack

    Pets, like humans, have been anxiously waiting for warm weather to play outdoors and enjoy nature. However, pet owners should prepare for a pest battle unlike in previous years as hungry ticks, fleas and mosquitoes await their prey -- of the two- or four-legged kind. ... Read more..

  • Top 3 New Products: Simple Solutions to Common Problems

    High-tech products -- like the Apple iPad -- seem to get all of the attention these days. Yet some of the most useful products are also the simplest. Below is a list of the top three new products that offer simple solutions to common problems:... Read more..

  • Maximize Profits From Your Rental Property

    A third of the nation's households rent their residences, according to the 2010 U.S. Census Report, and that number rises as high as two-thirds in large metropolitan areas, such as New York and Los Angeles. ... Read more..

  • Don't Let Chores Create Stress

    A study performed by the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine reported that men and women who feel they're responsible for most household chores experience higher blood pressure... Read more..

  • Budget-Friendly Kitchen Redos With Wallpaper

    A kitchen renovation is almost always a costly and time-consuming undertaking. The thought of ripping out and replacing cabinets, countertops and appliances is enough to stop you in your... Read more..

  • Top Tools for the DIYer on Your Gift List

    The holidays are around the corner, and now's the time to decide what to buy the do-it-yourselfer on your list. According to a recent survey commissioned by Kelton Research and Craftsman, more than three-quarters (77 percent) of men plan on tackling some sort of DIY project next year. ... Read more..

  • De-Junk Before Spring Cleaning

    Spring is rounding the bend -- meaning we're shedding the winter blues and leaping at the chance to glimpse real sunlight. It's also when the age-old practice of spring cleaning comes a'knocking. ... Read more..